In my efforts at further deepening relationship to the land, i forage and gather organic matter while walking and use a simple combination of natural light and macro photography to illuminate the many patterns, textures, pigments and shapes I encounter. The material is then digitally sculpted and rendered until there is a feeling of being in conversation with animate forms that intend to offer a glimpse into the more-than-human world. Looking through a magnifying glass at insects or peering into rock pools carries the essential image of childhood nature immersion which i seek to pass on with these images.

There was a time when the link between animals, humans and the land was fluid and magical. The perception of community would extend out, both into the landscape and through the stories seeping up from the burial grounds of the ancestors. The dead, the living, the four legged, the waterfall, the sharpened axe, the bumblebee, they were all interconnected if you looked long enough.’