Light boxes have become a new way to present my images. In the gallery environment, they provide variation from my print based work as well as giving depth to the impact of the living energy in my subjects. The images get printed on Duratrans, a form of archival transparent material that can be illuminated from behind, then mounted to opal perspex. The units are custom made steel casings with LED strips providing the light, which create minimal heat for a greatly prolonged lifespan for the colour gamut of the image. The units are finished with a matt black coat powder coat finish, to match the UV Matt seal that is applied to the print.

About the latest work:

∞ Heliosynthesis ∞

Some time ago i was inspired by Dr Gary Greenberg’s microscopic images of grains of sand, each grain telling a story, revealing structure, colour or pattern and in some cases, an entire microcosmos. The images concurred with the notion that the properties of our universe, every galaxy, star and planet is likely contained within every single particle within it, like a hologram, as stated in Michael Talbot’s book ‘The Holographic Universe’.

What if, like the grains of sand, photons possess a unique signature or pattern, how would they appear and how would it affect the matter it helps to create. The Photon doesn’t have the properties that matter possesses. It has no mass, charge or position. It lies outside of time, hence it is surely spiritual in the truest sense of the word.

This series is an ophthalmic foray into the universal function of the Photon, the creation of matter and all the other interchanges between matter. The work sets out to imagine individual specimens and environments in which they are active, using natural sunlight to capture the image and in the case of the light box, synthetic light to illuminate the formations. I used water and other minerals to provide a backdrop for these light experiments over the week of Summer Solstice 2013.