∞ Cosmochrome ∞

To witness the perfect order in nature, to observe how organisms co-evolve with their environment, is to greater fathom the Cosmic phenomenon. This monochromatic series intends to illuminates divergent components of the natural world at varying stages of the biological life cycle, bringing a visual aesthetic to the life ∞ death ∞ decay ∞ life cycle that binds all living matter on Earth. The presentation of Water, Rock, Earth, Root, Seed, Wood, Leaf, Petal, Flower and Feather as a set of free floating entities suspended in space, is dedicated to the integration of earthly and cosmic realms and the conscious co-habitation of humanity with its host planet.

“Without a need to fall on our knees beneath something or someone outside Nature we can sink in the soil to plant seeds of secularity, to admit we are a wonderful, even sacred mix of mostly water, air and star dust. Could we grow to better recognize our place in the immensity and discover that what we used to call the Spiritual Path is a pilgrimage closer to home than we ever imagined, a trail laced with breath, bones and blood, with ancient stones, verdant moss, leafy branches, twisted roots and much more? With a deep breath and a courageous sense of adventure, we may open ourselves to landscapes never seen, alongside our furry, feathered and finned companions who may just lead us beyond religion, beyond spirituality, beyond words.” (Chris Highland)

All her processes and evolutions are beautiful or ugly to the unbiased and undiscriminating observer. She makes no choice herself; everything that happens has equal significance. Withering follows blooming, death follows growth, decay follows death and life follows decay in a wonderful complicated, endless web…’ (Eliot Porter)